Decorative Naive Mural Landscape

Mixed Media on Hardboard
By Robert Young, c.1986

48" high x 112.5" long

Many of you may recognize this work, as it hung in our Battersea Gallery for almost 40 years. Painted by Robert as a frieze decoration for one of our first stand at the old Fine Art and Antiques Fair at Olympia in the 80’s, it then became a fixturein the front showroom here in Battersea, where it was fixed to the wall until we redeveloped the building in 2015.
It has been in our design studio since then and now that we are vacating the
space we need to find a new home for it. Several people have asked about
it over the years, but since it has never been for sale we did not keep a record
of who the various parties were, so we thought we may find you this way,
wherever you are.
Robert has no idea how much to ask for it so we have decided to offer it to
closed bids, with no reserve. It will simply go to the highest bidder.
Offers are welcome by email or post and will close on midnight Sunday 15th March.
It is painted in mixed media on hardboard and there are old screw holes around the outside edges where it was fixed to the wall behind an architectural moulding, these would be covered by a frame. 

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