Age is not necessarily a defining factor in works we source. Whilst it’s true that we specialise in antique, vernacular, naive and primitive pieces and frequently celebrate old surfaces, textures, patina and evidence of a historical narrative, we also recognise qualities in selected modern and contemporary works.

Over recent years, our antique pieces have increasingly been discovered by people who are established collectors of modern art and frequently live in contemporary spaces.

This cross-pollination is exciting and we embrace it. As this interest has developed and with the objective of exploring the relationships between artworks of all ages, in 2018 we introduced an exhibition programme of Contemporary Collaborations, led by RCA graduate and practicing contemporary artist Erin Hughes, as our specialist Curator.

This initiative has grown rapidly and has developed a strong following and unique identity. Currently we hold three CC exhibitions a year and submissions for inclusion are welcomed and should be addressed to:

Alongside Contemporary Collaborations we occasionally curate Exhibitions of work by other living or modern artists, whose works relate to the spirit and style we represent, as in the case of the recently discovered Chesterfield born “Outsider Artist”, the secondary school art master Stanley Dyson and American Sculptor John Sideli.

We also occasionally commission and create new works ourselves, incorporating old and historic elements. We believe that this re-fashioning of interesting and sculptural antique elements, in combination with contemporary materials, can result in unique and exciting pieces.