Soldier Form Whirligig

Turned, Carved and Painted Wood and Metal
5.5” wide x 28.5” high (arm raised, including stand) x 17” deep

Northern European c. 1890

28” high x 5” wide x 17” deep

Ref: 26/14

A lively, colourful and charming Soldier Form whirligig from the European Folk Art Tradition. The figure is fashioned from solid wood that was turned and then hand carved to create the body, the carved rotating arms are attached by a circular rod inserted through the shoulders of the figure and terminate in delightful tinware ”paddles”. Probably originally made for a portico or small scale garden folly, it has engaging small proportions. The figure retains much of its historic painted decoration and is raised on the original turned socle. Interest in sculptural and unique pieces of Folk Art is growing rapidly as collectors, decorators and academics are increasingly turning their attention to works of this type and their place in the overall art historical narrative and its compelling aesthetic quality

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