Graphically Sculptural Protective Ironwork Mask

With Sophisticated Wire Work Detailing
Hand Wrought Metal and Wire Mesh with Padded Leather Interior

Sweden c. 1870

13” high x 12” wide x 9” deep

Condition: In untouched, ”as found” original condition, this finely made protective mask still retains the internal leather and fabric fittings. The wrought iron and wire mesh are in perfect original condition and there is no evidence of any restoration or repair. The exterior wire mesh shows evidence of having received knocks and has been pushed-in in some areas. This functional working mask has an engaging sculptural quality and is beautifully made. The exact use is uncertain although the previous owners considered it to be a Fencing Mask, we believe that it is too heavy and robust for that and may have been used for a mining or industrial purpose. Whatever its original purpose, it is beautifully made and in exceptional condition.

Ref: 47/17

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