Unusual Quoits Game Board

Pine with Original Painted Surface

English c. 1860

15.75” high x 15.75” wide x 4” deep

Ref: 6727

Lovely play worn game board onto which little rope hoops were thrown. The centre section or ”bull's eye” won 10 points and the other small segments are marked with their individual values. Each player had three hoops or roundels per game and the player with the highest personal score was the winner. The catch is that to score the hoop could not be touching any of the lines and had to be completely within a scoring segment. The board could be placed either on the ground or on a table top when in use. The game was played in Taverns, at fairgrounds and by Sailors on deck when at sea. In untouched original condition, (and retaining the cleat to the back which angles the board towards the throwers), it also retains its original metal hanging loop to the top centre. An appealing and rare survival, still in playing condition!

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