Large Graphic Escutcheon With Stylised Bird Cresting

Large Graphic Escutcheon With Stylised Bird Cresting
Hand Wrought and Pierced Silhouette Sheet Metal
With Untouched Original Surface
Northern European c.1750

6 ½” high x 4 ¾” wide x ¾” deep

Ref: 37/46

A really delightful and very rare early folk art metalwork escutcheon, with symbolic motifs. The stylised figurative love bird cresting is standing upon a stylised horseshoe and frames the key hole. All these are symbols from the love token tradition, with the key hole representing the fron door of a new marital home. The fanned peacock feather ”skirt” below, is set to represent both the female form and the courtship ritual. This is an extraordinary example of craftsmanship and detail and of wonderful scale, it is one of the finest we have handled and we have never seen one of this quality outside museum collections.

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