Unusual Painted Twin Horse Headed Kasa

Dug Out and Hand Carved Solid Birchwood
Retaining Original Rosemaling Decoration
Inscribed with Initials 'TCSH' and Date '1846'

Norwegian c. 1846

8” high x 12.5” wide x 8.5” deep

Ref: 37/35

Hewn and dug put from a single solid block of solid birch wood, this classic twin horse headed Kasa has lovely quality features. The stylised heads, which serve as the handles when drinking, have well detailed silhouette form. The profile is line decorated, with a darker colour to the back of the necks and external bowl rim. The horses ”chests” at each end of the bowl retain original ”rosemaling” decoration and the body is inscribed with the initials ” TCSH” and the date ”1846”, which will relate to the date and initials of the wedding and brides for whom this ceremonial vessel was created. The Horse is a significant icon in Scandinavian Folk lore, where it was considered to represent various qualities including Strength, Virility, Loyalty and Power over evil. The devil was thought to be represented by fire, which was a considerable threat to the wooden architecture of most rural communities and any representation of the horse was thought to act as prevention against fire and to ward off evil spirits.

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