Unusual Diminutive Nest of Early Apothecary's Drawers

Retaining Original Hand Painted Labels and Handles
Painted and Richly Patinated Wood with Original Handles

English c. 1830

16.75” high x 33” wide x 9.75” deep

Ref: 37/17

Unusually small in scale, this delightful nest of Apothecary's Drawers are in fantastic original condition, retaining the original hand painted labels to the drawers together with turned knob pull handles. The two top tiers of smaller drawers are also shallower than the three lower tiers and wre made to hold the more valuable and precious contents. These can be reflex to the wall, as originally and used for herbs and spices or multiple other odds and ends or ditties. It an also be raised on a simple metal stand as a free standing unit. A particularly fine early example in great condition.

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