Rare Georgian Full Bodied Cockerel Weathervane

Of Unusual Reductive Stylised Form
Untouched and Naturally Patinated Copper

English c. 1800

23.5” high x 17.5” wide x 6.5” deep

Ref: 37/13

Closely similar to the documentary example illustrated and described in James Ayres respected book on British Naive Art, this finely modelled and stylised Cockerel Weathervane was almost certainly created by the same hand.
Generously full bodied and of reductive almost modernist form, it is made from sheet copper which has patinated to a warm weathered bronze colour with hints of verdigris surface. The flat silhouette section comb and tail are great graphic accents to the composition, particularly the details of feathering to the tail.
With impeccable provenance to a finely edited specialised private collection, this is a seminal work from the British Folk Art Tradition and has the integrity, style, quality and proportions to sit alongside fine works of ancient or contemporary origin.

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