Three Masted Steam Ship In Full Sail, Flying The Stars and Stripes

Naive Marine Pierhead School
Depicted on a Stylised Wavy Sea with Two Sailing Ships To The Background
Oils on Canvas

Probably American c. 1875

20” high x 17.5” wide

Ref: 37/1

Painted in oils on canvas, this delightful primitive marine painting has retained great definition and colours. The ship in full sail and flying the Stars and Stripes of the USA, is depicted on a stylised and unusually graphically depicted wavy sea. Pierhead paintings of this type were created either by sailors wanting to record the vessels on which they had served or by ”professional” painters who resided at the major ports and undertook commissions to paint images of vessels for sailors, officers or owners, when they came in to dock for a while. There is a great archive of naive nautical art of this type and apart from its interesting social historical context, it has a bold decorative and timeless appeal that attracts international interest and dedicated collectors.

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