Working Duck Decoy

Hand Carved and Painted Wood
Carved with Initials “V V” to Underside

Northern European c. 1900

6” high x 11” wide x 5” deep

Hand carved and painted probably by an enthusiastic wildfowler, this small folk art sculpture shows the sensitivity and understanding that the maker had for his quarry. Broad based so it could float and be seen by and deceive other water fowl, it has elegant lines and an alert air about it. The head is separately carved and socketed in to the body and the original beak also remains intact. The well drawn and sculpted body terminates in simple stylised carving to describe the tail feathers. The underside bears the owner's intitials ”VV” and has old fixing marks for the rig attachments. Made as a working bird it bears evidence of age and use and has suffered some losses to the original painted decoration, however there is no evidence of re-touching and it is in excellent original condition.

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