Monumental Architectural Clock Face

Monumental Architectural Clock Face
Riveted Weathered Sheet Metal
Retaining Much Historic Painted Decoration
French c.1870

63 ½” high x 63 ½” wide x 2 ½” deep

Ref: 6316

A massive and wonderfully graphic clock face, probably from a provincial Town Hall or “Mairie”. Originating from Provence, the square metal face has been decoratively painted with Roman Numerals and geometrically decorated corners. The face retains the large historic shaped metal hands which in turn have their old gilt surface. The face is weathered and has inevitably suffered some minor paint loss and some scarring from gun pellets or pebbles having been thrown at it. Faces or dials of this scale are unusual as the buildings they were custom made for are rarely demolished and this example is in wonderful “as found” condition with evidence of some historic “in use”repainting, much as we would hope to find it. There is something magical about incorporating large weathered pieces with such great scale and texture into contemporary interiors as they tend to lend individual character and make wonderfully eclectic conversation pieces.

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