Soldier Form Whirligig

Weathered Hand Carved and Painted Pine

English c. 1870

15.25” high x 5.75” wide x 2.25” deep

Ref: 20/21

This simple primitive whirligig has powerful whimsical charm. The large outsize hat or “Busby” is of a stylised geometric form and sits above the pale face with minimally delineated features. The red tunic is adorned with a broad “golden” sash and the paddle arms, with rounded shoulders are now lacking the original “sails”. The figure is shown standing on two white trousered legs, wearing black boots and raised on a rectangular platform through which the central mounting rod would have been inserted in order for the figure to spin in the wind. With its subtle faded colours and weathered surface this unusually small working whirligig has great presence, individual sculptural quality and an unusually contemporary feel.

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