Silhouette Dog Form Foot Scraper

Silhouette Dog Form Foot Scraper
With Delightful Sculptural Details
Weathered Solid Cast Iron
English, c.1870

Of great charm and character, this stylised Dog Form Foot scraper is finely modelled and detailed. Made as a single piece in solid cast iron, it is in excellent condition and has no visible evidence of significant damage or restoration. The surface is oxidised and pitted and has developed a lovely textured patina, commensurate with its age and function. Now presented on a modern stand, with the narrow triangular shaped feet, (that were originally set into the earth), visible beneath. A fine and most unusual example from the second half of the nineteenth century, this was probably commissioned from one of the growing iron work enterprises that grew up in Victorian Britain and was designed and modelled by an artisan who had no classical sculptural training, but relied on instinct and innate understanding of his subject and medium. A representation of the spirit of Folk Art.

23” high x 21” wide x 2” deep

Ref: 6041

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