Group of Seven Oyster Poles

Of Engaging Sculptural Form
Naturally Worn and Weathered Sea Pickled Oak With Residue of Natural Lime

French c. 1880

76” high x 1.25” wide x 1.25” deep

Ref: 37/28

These early French Oyster farming poles have a wonderful contemporary aesthetic. They feel like a cross between Hepworth /Giacometti sculptures and Tribal artefacts. Each pole has a unique individual quality, pickled and faded, the solid oak spent its working life in tidal estuary salt water, where the seed oysters were individually attached with lime putty. Years of weathering and erosion have created a pickled surface with great texture and wonderful subtle soft palette. Now individually mounted and offered in this group of seven, they make whatever composition suits their environment and make a peaceful creative statement.

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