Two Racing Pigeon Portraits 'Reliance' and 'Black Bess'

E.H Windred
English Naive School
Oils on Canvas
Signed Lower Right ”E.H.W” on 'Reliance' and ”del E.H. Windred” on 'Black Bess'
'Reliance' Inscribed:
”NURP.33.W.P.H 118 1st Club 9th Fed. ”Thurso” 504 miles. 354 Competing. 2nd Club 12th Fed. ”Perth” 360 miles. 957 Competing. 1938 bred and raced by E.Pears & Son W.C.C”
'Black Bess' Inscribed:
”Black Bess” RP32W.P.H.90 Owner J.H Woodbridge. Flew 200 miles winning 2nd pinchbeck 1932 33 6th Northallerton. Vel-813. 1st Perth & silver cup 9th N.E.L.F vel-1459. Berwick 1st Club by 50 yards per minute & 1st North East London fed- by 10 yards per minute vel-1243 206 birds.

English c. 1930

19” high x 22.75” wide

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