Early Silhouette Cockerel Form Weathervane

Early Silhouette Cockerel Form Weathervane
With Decorative Comb and High Arched Tail
Heavy Gauge Solid Sheet Copper
Retaining Historic Painted Surface and Natural Verdigris Patination
English c.1800

26” high x 17” wide x ¼” deep

Ref: 6376

A Fine and unusually early example of the traditional Cockerel or Rooster form weathervane. Constructed from particularly thick gauge sheet copper and joined with original rivets, this is a rare survival. The well weathered and richly patinated surface is exactly as we like to find it, even retaining traces of historic decoration. Of delightful reductive primitive form, the tail is constructed of double thickness and feather ended sheets to add weight and body. Of good domestic scale and in a timeless style, this is a fine example from the British Folk Art Tradition.

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