To create a luxurious, inspiring, comfortable, established feeling and slightly romantic interior, inspired by the atmosphere of Ex-Pat Colonial Life on the Indian Sub-Continent and the Far East. The clients wanted their home to feel like it had grown and developed over two or three generations, rather than it had just been created. They wanted to maximise the use of the main reception rooms for entertaining and to benefit from unobtrusive contemporary amenities and services such as climate control, music and lighting. It needed to be family friendly and functional as well as being both welcoming and unique.

The Client

A successful Dutch entrepreneur/businessman who was born into a Brewing Family and had started his working life as the Financial Director of a brewery in Indonesia. Now back and settled in Amsterdam, with his New Zealand born wife and their three sons. They are a well-travelled and active family with wide interests from sports, through business to the arts. He had been inspired and excited by the lifestyle in old Colonial Indonesia and had taken an interest in the culture and history whilst also developing a fundamental respect for Buddhist principles.

Photography by Elisabeth Zeschin