October 2020


A Collaborative Work by Josh Wright

5-24th October 2020

Private View 10th October Midday


"Not In My Back Yard" 

The nimby being viewed colloquially as someone whose very vocal about unpleasant or potentially hazardous constructions in their own neighbourhood but not concerned if it doesn’t affect them. 


Josh Wright (b.1993) is a British artist living and working in London. Central to his practice Wright is interested in the transportive nature of space and how it directly shapes how someone might encounter his work. As an artist Josh is particularly drawn to the home. Undoubtedly influenced by his residency at Kettle’s Yard, he finds the artist's or collector's home particularly intriguing, as this is where the boundaries of art and life completely intertwine.

In an attempt to make structures that transcend the everyday, he dissects and reconfigures familiar domestic objects, making anthropomorphised forms that open up wider questions around contemporary domesticity and the role of the home today.

Initially taking inspiration from an antique Prattware Cottage Money Box from the RYA Collection as a basis for his exploration, Josh will create a sculptural expression of the home as something that is desired and often unattainable for young people in London; whilst integrating the language, architecture and promotional material employed by many of the modern building firms that are encroaching the Battersea area around the Robert Young Antiques Gallery.