Family Home London, UK

A spectacular architectural survival this Charles II period Townhouse in North London, was built c.1670. There had been a series of renovations and “improvements” made to it over the centuries but largely the fabric of the building remained “untouched”.


To architecturally unpick the later additions and return it as closely as possible to its original form, yet create a comfortable, functional family home with modern facilities.

The Client

Had previously built a fine collection of largely British late eighteenth and nineteenth century art which they wanted us to incorporate and hang within the re-designed space.

We started by analysing paint samples to uncover the detail of the original palette and identify the original interior architectural elements, to help inform the layout and decorations for a new scheme.

Colours, fittings, furniture and fabrics were painstakingly sourced to create a home that complemented the art collection, looked as though it had naturally evolved, (rather than been designed), and was appealing, practical and attractive for entertaining, as well as for staying home and doing jigsaw puzzles.

This project

This project was published in The World of Interiors Magazine October 2015.