Exceptional Folk Art Applique Work Fabric Collage

Comprised of Forty Individual Panels
Depicting the Thirteen Provinces of Canada and Territories of The British Empire
Various Hand-Stitched and Embroidered Fabrics and Threads
Probably Canadian, c.1917-1920

80" high x 69" wide (framed)

This charmingly naïve applique is remarkably skilful in its execution and unique design. The detail is both finely worked and imaginative and delightfully conveys the creator’s dreams of foreign lands. The inclusion of the thirteen provinces of Canada leads us to conclude that the artist was Canadian.

British East Africa was part of the Empire from 1895-1920
Palestine was part of the Empire from 1917 -1948
Therefore, the above enables us to date this applique to 1917-1920

The individual representations from left to right are as follows:

British Columbia, Alberta, North West Terrs, Yukon Territory, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward I, Canada North West Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Ontario, England, Quebec, Manitoba, Suez, Scotland, British Empire, Ireland, Bermuda, Ceylon, Malta, Wales, Gibraltar, Palestine, New Zealand, Tasmania, New South Wales, Queensland, Fiji, British Guiana, Trinidad, Barbados, British East Africa, Liberia, Jamaica, Bombay, India, Bengal, South Africa

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