A Magnificent Documentary Fairground Carousel Angel (Detail)

The Life-Size Figure with Outstretched Wings in a Low Cut Blue Dress 
Weathered, Hand Carved and Painted Wood and Metal
Northern European, Attr. Alexander Devos, c.1900 

61" high x 38" wide x 54" deep (incl. stand)

This documentary Angel figure was created for Van Mutter's splendid Salon Carousel, which was built in 1900 and later sold to the French showman Fahrenheit Wilbert. The angels are believed to have been made in the workshops of Alexander Devos and a closely similar example from the Salon Carousel is illustrated in Geoff Weedon and Richard Ward, "Fairground Art", Pub. Abbeville Press, New York, 1981; Page 146 lower right." 

Ref: 8720

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