Large Toll Road Charges Signboard

Within Original Moulded and Ebonised Frame
Painted and Sign-Written Pine
Dated “September 1898”
English, Bolton, Lancashire.

England c. 1898

62” high x 37.25” wide x 2.75” deep

Provenance: The Hulton Park Estate, Lancashire

Condition: Inscribed September 1898 and with the name of Town Clark R G Hinnell, This is a remarkable early, original and untouched “Table of Tolls” from the Hulton Park Estate in Lancashire. A wonderful piece of social history as well as folk art this large scale sign-written panel is created from framed planks of pine and specifies the charges made for the various traffic that passed along the road. With great graphic qualities and with an attractively weathered surface this unusual example is a wonderful survival. There is evidence of some shrinkage to the panel boards, wear and losses to the paint, some surface dirt and staining, all commensurate with age and function. A rare and exciting discovery.

Ref: 44/19

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