Folk Art "Dala Horse" Pull Toy

Of Traditional Form on Four Wheeled
Platform Base
Pine and Birch with Traces of Original
“Rosemaling” Decoration
The Platform Scratch Carved with Letter “E”
Swedish, Dalarna Region, c.1860

Sweden c. 1860

8” high x 9” wide x 4” deep

Condition: Of classic traditional form this arch necked symbolic Swedish horse toy is from the Darlana region. These small horses were considered noble friends and allies and in Norske folklore they were historically considered to represent the power of goodness over evil, due to the horse’s qualities of loyalty and strength. This example is hewn and carved from a single solid piece of pine and is mounted on the original platform base with wooden wheels. It retains traces of much of the original “Rosemaling” painted decoration and is in excellent untouched original condition. The horse bears historic surface shrinkage crack and signs of wear and use and the platform is missing a section to the front where it would originally have held a string or small rope for pulling it along and is also carved with the initial “E”. There is evidence of a minor repair to the rear of the platform which has been expertly executed and overall this is a classic work of Swedish Folk Art sculpture and fine example of the genre.

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