Exceptional Folk Art Tinsmith’s Banner Weathervane

With Figurative Metalworker Point and Pierced Banner Sail
Weathered Painted Tin, Iron and Wood

Europe 1876

33” high x 16” wide x 1.5” deep

Condition: A unique work with wonderful whimsy. Fashioned from early sheet zinc and retaining much of the original polychrome painted decoration this has a delightful naïve appeal. The graphics bear a curious similarity to the work of the well known American born primitive painter Bill Traylor, although of course this is entirely coincidental. Figurative weathervanes with some kind of narrative, particularly when doubling as trade signs are unusual in the French vernacular, which adds further interest to this significant work of “Art Populaire”. We believe that the pierced date is original and that the vane would have been mounted on the metalworker’s workshop and depicts himself at work on his anvil, of course this is not certain, but it came from a private source in France, has been in the family for many years and is the verbal tradition of its history.

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