Sculptural Diminutive Kasa or "Kjenge"

With Stylised Silhouette Twin Horse Head Handles
Dug Out and Carved Birchwood with Traces of Original Paint
Norwegian, c.1820

5.75" high x 9.5" wide x 6.5" deep

Ref: 9400

Dug out and hand carved from a single block of solid birchwood, this ceremonial drinking vessel is in impeccable original condition, retaining much of the original painted decoration. Drinking bowls such as these form a significant part of the wedding ceremony and were circulated around the table as “loving cups”. The horse is a real icon in the Norske folklore tradition, as it was believed to represent the virtues of strength, loyalty, virility, honour and ultimately power against the devil, (which was believed to take the form of fire). Kasas or “Kjenge” are sought after and revered and were frequently used by several generations of the same family. This is an example of the utmost integrity and great rarity.


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