Preening Ale Goose
Fine Diminutive Ceremonial Spirit Bowl
An Exceptional Diminutive Ceremonial Lidded Baluster Tankard
A Decoratively Carved Love Token Washing Bat
A Fine Large Love Spoon
Fine Georgian Wine Goblet
Interesting Treen Vessel
A Collection of Seven Sculptural Rootwood Bowls
Fine Chip Carved 'Ditty' Box
Fine Spouted Ceremonial Ale Bowl
Unusual Vintage Screw Action Cork Screw
Fine Early Georgian Fruitwood Goblet
Georgian Elm Drinking Goblet
Ceremonial Staved Lidded and Coopered Ale Jug
Interesting Treen Vessel
Unusual Early Baluster Spice Jar
Remarkable Folk Art Ale Hen
Unusual Regency Period Turned Circular Inkwell
Collection of Four Early Working "Chugs" or Rigging Blocks
Classic Charles II Period Wassail Bowl
Early Coopered "Costrell" or Cider Barrel
Gun Barrell Stemmed Table Candlestick
Silver Mounted Coconut Vessel with Armorial Cartouche
Pair of Early Georgian Table Knives
Georgian Fruitwood Wine Goblet
A Good Large Ceremonial Horse Head Kasa
Traditional Twin Horse Headed Kasa
Unusually Large Scale Early Dug Out Bowl
Rare Early Dug-Out Oval Ale Scoop
Rare Small Primitive Spirit Goblet
Unusual Initialled Love Token Razor Box
Delightful Miniature Ale Bowl
Fine Acanthus Decorated Storage Box
Rare Love Token Watch Stand
Circular Lidded Dry Storage Box

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