Rare Georgian Egg Cup Stand
Fine Domestic Spouted Bowl
Rare Small Primitive Spirit Goblet
Delightful Miniature Ale Bowl
Traditional Domestic Ale Bowl
Folk Art "Dala Horse" Pull Toy
Handsome Ceremonial Horse Head Kasa
A Good Large Ceremonial Horse Head Kasa
Small Graphic Ceremonial Horse Head Kasa
Engaging Love Token Mangleboard
Fine pair of George III Period Candlesticks
Fine Folk art Walking Stick
Fine Lidded Spice Pot
Finely Turned and Decorated Ceremonial Ale Bowl
Finely Carved 'Ditty' Box
Unusual Small Traditional Lug Handled Lamhog
Georgian Fruitwood Wine Goblet
Traditional Twin Horse Headed Kasa
Finely Carved Ale Bowl
A Fine and Rare Florally Decorated Ceremonial Lion Peg Tankard
Early Love Token Mangleboard
Rare Early Lozenge Form Snuff Box
Classic Charles II Period Wassail Bowl
Original Rose Painted Bride's Box
Circular Lidded Dry Storage Box
Fine Early Carved Coopered Peg Tankard with 'Jelly Mould Lid'
Fine Love Token Mangleboard
Rare Love Token Watch Stand
Exceptional Ceremonial Spouted Ale Bowl
Rare Love Token Mangleboard
Fine Ceremonial Ale Bowl
Fine Ceremonial Ale Bowl
Fine Ceremonial Lion Peg Tankard

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