Unusual Naïve Portrait of a Piebald Horse
English Naive School
Naïve Portrait of a Girl Wearing a Blue Dress in a Stylised Landscape
Engaging Naïve Portrait of A Tunstall, Aged 63
Portrait of a Seated Lady
Delightful Naïve Prospect of Upton Farm in the Alkham Valley
Unusual Four Masted Sailorwork Embroidered Ship Portrait
Unusual Naive Livestock Portrait of an Ox and Cowhand in a Byre
Remarkable Naïve Military Equestrian Portrait
Painter's and Paper Hanger's Trade Sign
Portrait of a Seated Child in a White Dress
Still Life of Strawberries in a Leaf,
Saddled Hunter and Favoured Hound
"The Emperor"
Fine English Naïve School Topographical Watercolour Drawing
Wine Merchants on the Village Green
Portrait of Fred Archer on 'Ormonde'

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