Naïve Portrait of a Girl Wearing a Blue Dress in a Stylised Landscape
Engaging Naïve Portrait of A Tunstall, Aged 63
Remarkable Primitive Folk Art Theorum Picture
Portrait of a Seated Lady
Naïve Portrait of a Boy Holding a Peaked Cap
Delightful Naïve Prospect of Upton Farm in the Alkham Valley
"Ocean Gift, Leaving Harbour"
Delightful Naïve Sailorwork Ship Portrait
Unusual Four Masted Sailorwork Embroidered Ship Portrait
Unusual Naive Livestock Portrait of an Ox and Cowhand in a Byre
Remarkable Naïve Military Equestrian Portrait
Painter's and Paper Hanger's Trade Sign
Portrait of a Seated Child in a White Dress
Still Life of Strawberries in a Leaf,
Exceptional White Hulled Sailing Ship in Full Sail
Fine and Unusual Sailor's Woolwork Ship Portrait
Saddled Hunter and Favoured Hound
"The Emperor"
Fine English Naïve School Topographical Watercolour Drawing
Wine Merchants on the Village Green
Portrait of Fred Archer on 'Ormonde'

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