Folk Art

Unusual Primitive Georgian Adjustable Candlestick
Rare George III Period Lidded Brass Tankard
A Fine Brown Trout Fishing Trophy
Fine Graphic Arrow Form Folk Art Weathervane
Fine Sea Trout Fishing Trophy
"Wheel-Em In"
Collection of Seven Sculptural Wooden Folk Art Pulley Hooks
Rare Graduated Group of Conical Turnpins and Plumbers Bobbins
A Delightful Prattware Cottage Money Box
Graphic Diminutive Dart or Target Game Board
Rare Primitive "Fiddle" or Violin Case
Unusual Pair of Stylised Leg Callipers
Fine Georgian Table Rushlight Nip and Candleholder
Exceptional Early Cruciform Based Lighting Device
Remarkable Vintage Pond Yacht
Fine Oval Horn Armorial Decorated Snuff Box
Complete Early Napoleonic Alphabet
Heart Shaped Root Bowl
Exceptional Large Vernacular Rootwood Bowl
Delightful Miniature Vernacular Armchair
Unusual Naive Sailor Form Whirligig
Dappled Carthorse Pull Toy
Hand Blown Glass Flagon
Vintage Wire-Work Shop Display Mannequin
A Rare and Delightful Miniature Violin
Vintage Wire-Work Shop Display Mannequin
Unusual Early Champagne Tool
Group of Six Various Cellar Labels
Book Form Pocket Snuff Box
Three Cut Glass Decorated Decanters
A Collection of Three Wine Goblets
A Selection of Three Drinking Glasses
Early Wall Mounted Articulated Task Light
Relief Carved Portrait of A Uniformed Officer
A Collection of Four Sculptural Primitive Stringed Instruments
A Collection of Four Sculptural Primitive Stringed Instruments
Fine and Unusual Courting Mirror
Vernacular Table Top Book Press
Sculptural Vernacular Blacksmith's Anvil
A Primitive Bird Form Brides Ladle
Historic Twin Branch Saddle Rack
Rare Leather Circular Snuff or Tobacco Box
Silhouette Fishmonger's Trade Sign
Rare Early Culinary Bowl
Painter's and Paper Hanger's Trade Sign
Graphic Figurative Locksmith's Trade Sign
Fine Large Early Architectural Clock Face
Swedish Vernacular Twelve Branch Chandelier
Fine Seventeen Branch Vernacular Chandelier
Architectural Finial of Stylised Geometric Form
Fine Apprentice Work Dormer Window Model
Set of Three Unusual Hand Painted Bottles 
Three Unusual Hand Painted Bottles 
Three Unusual Hand Painted Bottles 
Original Draughtsman's Set Square
Early Primitive Folk Art Toy Horse
Rare Wall Hanging Watch Stand
Naive Folk Art Carving of a Man Seated Beside a Tower
Unusual Paint Decorated Folk Art Candlestick
Signwritten Butcher's Trade Sign
Gustavian Style Caster
Fine Figurative Folk Art Trade Sign for "Givord Fils, Veterinaire" 
Unusual Silhouette Folk Art Ship Weathervane
Primitive Working Wood Pigeon Decoy
Hand Blown Glass Storage Jars
Hand Blown Glass Storage Jars
Delightful Small Scale Primitive Cockerel Weathervane
Generous Pale Horn Beaker
Richly Patinated Early Spouted Drinking "Bottel"
Early Stylised Cockerel Weathervane
Unusual Small Full-Bodied Cockerel Weathervane
A Handsome Georgian Primitive Candlestick
Adjustable Spiral Twist Candlestick
Collection of Three Vintage Bicycle Saddles
Unique Primitive Folk Art Toy Vehicle
Primitive Medieval Architectural Human Mask
Unusual Fairground Shooting Target
Three Double Cone Shaped Felt Working Forms
Early Artist's Mannequin or Lay Figure
Early Provincial Percussion Rifle
Rare Large Architectural Clock Face

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