Naïve Portrait of a Girl Wearing a Blue Dress in a Stylised Landscape
Sculptural Thick Top Trestle Table
Engaging Naïve Portrait of A Tunstall, Aged 63
Tall Primitive Three Legged Stool
Remarkable Primitive Folk Art Theorum Picture
Fine Early Vernacular Three Leg Stool
An Unusual Pair of Polychrome Chickens
Spectacular Provincial Twenty-Four Drawer Tradesman's Chest
An Unusual Pair of Polychrome Chickens
Fine Early Primitive Windsor Comb Back Armchair
"Wheel-Em In"
Fine and Unusual Comb Back Windsor Chair
Collection of Seven Sculptural Wooden Folk Art Pulley Hooks
Delightful Naïve Prospect of Upton Farm in the Alkham Valley
Rare Graduated Group of Conical Turnpins and Plumbers Bobbins
Rare Early Yellow Glazed Cheese Strainer
A Fine Alto Adige Poker and Penwork Cassone
Unusual Folk Art Horse Head Kasa or "Kjenge"
Robust Sculptor's Studio Stand
Rare Small Ramp Walking Elephant Toy
Elegant Vernacular Oval Top Stool
Pair of Strawberry Hill Style Garden Armchairs
Remarkable Vintage Pond Yacht
Pair of Strawberry Hill Style Garden Armchairs
Fine Georgian Table Rushlight Nip and Candleholder
Unusual Georgian Fall Front Writing Desk
Exceptional Georgian Tripod Rushlight and Candleholder
Delightful Vernacular Four Leg Rectangular Stool
Graphic Diminutive Dart or Target Game Board
Rare Primitive "Fiddle" or Violin Case
Classic Early Georgian Three Drawer Pad Foot Lowboy
Unusual Pair of Stylised Leg Callipers
William and Mary Walnut Side Table
Fine Oval Horn Armorial Decorated Snuff Box
Exceptional Vernacular "X" Frame Trestle Table
Complete Early Napoleonic Alphabet
Small "Heart" Shaped Rootwood Bowl
A Good Georgian Saddle Seated Bow Back Windsor Armchair
Heart Shaped Root Bowl
"Ocean Gift, Leaving Harbour"
Exceptional Large Vernacular Rootwood Bowl
Delightful Naïve Sailorwork Ship Portrait
Generous Traditional Lion Finial Peg Ceremonial Tankard
Unusual Four Masted Sailorwork Embroidered Ship Portrait
Fine Acorn Finial Tankard
Unusual Naive Sailor Form Whirligig
Signed Gustavian Period Crested Mirror
Primitive Stylised Soldier Form Whirligig
Fine Georgian Vernacular Comb Back Windsor Armchair
Pear Form Tea Caddy
Interesting Gothic Revival Side Chair
"Heading Up and Away"
Delightful Miniature Vernacular Armchair
'Above the Gardens'
Early Dated Folk Art Mangleboard
Unusual Naive Livestock Portrait of an Ox and Cowhand in a Byre
Engaging Love Token Mangleboard
Vintage Wire-Work Shop Display Mannequin
Unusual Queen Anne Four Panel Pad Foot Settle
Vintage Wire-Work Shop Display Mannequin
Rare Slipware Handled Vessel
Hand Blown Glass Flagon
A Loop Handled Slipware Crock
Fine Primitive Vernacular Pig Bench or Low Work Table
Remarkable Naïve Military Equestrian Portrait
Wonderfully Patinated Pig Bench or Low Work Table
Fine Georgian Tripod Wine Table
A Rare and Delightful Miniature Violin
William and Mary Period "Credence" Table
Vernacular Georgian Bow Back Windsor Chair
Traditional Cylindrical Storage Crock
Delightful Provincial Rush Sated Side Chair
Unusual Vintage Screw Action Cork Screw
Group of Six Various Cellar Labels
Unusual Early Champagne Tool
Rare Group of Three Metal Rhubarb Forcers
Naive Pierhead Ship Portrait
Rare Early Sheep Bell
Polychrome Spongeware Cawl Bowl
Classic Georgian Bow Backed Windsor Armchair
Polychrome Spongeware Cawl Bowl
A Collection of Three Wine Goblets
Fine Queen Anne Chest of Drawers
A Selection of Three Drinking Glasses
Magnificent Life-Size Salmon Fishing Trophy
Book Form Pocket Snuff Box
Early Wall Mounted Articulated Task Light
Polychrome Spongeware Cawl Bowl
Fine and Unusual Courting Mirror
Polychrome Spongeware Cawl Bowl
A Decoratively Carved Love Token Washing Bat
Three Cut Glass Decorated Decanters
A Fine Large Love Spoon
A Collection of Four Sculptural Primitive Stringed Instruments
Preening Ale Goose
A Collection of Four Sculptural Primitive Stringed Instruments
Vernacular Table Top Book Press
Relief Carved Portrait of A Uniformed Officer
Artist's Studio Easel
Unusual Galleried Huntboard or Serving Table
Polychrome Spongeware Bowl
Innovative Industrial Design Rectangular Side Table
Fine Early Ceremonial Tankard with Lion Finial
Interesting Treen Vessel
Unusual Acorn Finial Peg Tankard
Sculptural Vernacular Blacksmith's Anvil
A Small Vintage Flag Cushion
Fine Classical Baroque Urn
Spatter Slip Decorated Pitcher
A Primitive Bird Form Brides Ladle
Dark Green Spot Decorated Cylindrical Slipware Jug
Portrait of Fred Archer on 'Ormonde'
Fine Georgian Wine Goblet
Wine Merchants on the Village Green
A Collection of Seven Sculptural Rootwood Bowls
Collection of Seven Pieces of Spongeware Pottery
Historic Twin Branch Saddle Rack
Fine Acanthus Decorated Storage Box
Delightful Miniature Ale Bowl
Circular Lidded Dry Storage Box
Delightful Primitive Plank Windsor Wing Backed Rocking Chair
Unusual Initialled Love Token Razor Box
Primitive Comb Back Armchair
Rare Small Primitive Spirit Goblet
Interesting Stylish Industrial Worktable
Rare Love Token Watch Stand
Early Provincial Percussion Rifle
Unusual Paint Decorated Three Tier Whatnot
Early Artist's Mannequin or Lay Figure
A Good Large Ceremonial Horse Head Kasa
Early Turners Chair
Traditional Twin Horse Headed Kasa
Unusual Fairground Shooting Target
Three Double Cone Shaped Felt Working Forms
Unusual Revolving Artist's Chair
Rare Leather Circular Snuff or Tobacco Box
Rare Geometric Folk Art Embroidered Games Board
Fine Chip Carved 'Ditty' Box
Rare Early Culinary Bowl
Fine English Naïve School Topographical Watercolour Drawing
Fine Spouted Ceremonial Ale Bowl
Pair of Wall Mounted Plant Pot Holders
Painter's and Paper Hanger's Trade Sign
Silhouette Fishmonger's Trade Sign
A Group of 3 Vintage Watering Cans
Unusually Large Scale Early Dug Out Bowl
Graphic Figurative Locksmith's Trade Sign
A Fine Louis XV Provincial Three Drawer Commode
Twin Handled Storage Crock
Rare Small William and Mary Oval Drop Leaf Table
Classic Charles II Period Wassail Bowl
Fine Large Early Architectural Clock Face
Fine Early Georgian Fruitwood Goblet
Small Georgian Vernacular "D" Ended Stool
Unusual Vernacular Thirty Hour Longcase Clock
Fine Apprentice Work Dormer Window Model
Swedish Vernacular Twelve Branch Chandelier
Remarkable Folk Art Ale Hen
Fine Seventeen Branch Vernacular Chandelier
High Sided Country House Trolley
Early Primitive Folk Art Toy Horse
Working Vintage Decorators and Sign Writers Step Ladder
"The Steering Committee" John Sideli
Portrait of a Seated Child in a White Dress
Pair of "D" Ended Trestle Benches
Three Unusual Hand Painted Bottles 
Three Unusual Hand Painted Bottles 
Set of Three Unusual Hand Painted Bottles 
Architectural Finial of Stylised Geometric Form
Two Traditional Honey Coloured Confit Pots
Georgian Elm Drinking Goblet
Original Draughtsman's Set Square
Ceremonial Staved Lidded and Coopered Ale Jug
Three Pairs of Florists Display Buckets
Fine Gustavian Burr Wood Top Circular Tripod Table
A Group of Four Folding Garden Chairs
Fine and Rare "Pilgrim Century" Candlestand
Still Life of Strawberries in a Leaf,
Elegant Georgian Single Drawer Pad Foot Side Table
Interesting Treen Vessel
Rare Figurative Polychrome Spongeware Dish
Unusual Early Baluster Spice Jar
Rare Wall Hanging Watch Stand
Unusual Primitive Hand Carved Cabriole Leg Stool
Naive Folk Art Carving of a Man Seated Beside a Tower
Fine and Unusual Sailor's Woolwork Ship Portrait
Gustavian Style Caster
Exceptional White Hulled Sailing Ship in Full Sail
Queen Anne Period Chest of Two Short and Three Long Drawers
Rare English Naïve School Industrial Landscape
A Rare Provincial Georgian Table Cabinet

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