25 May 2016


A Preview of  Masterpiece 2016

This time last year we still had builders here, with their accompanying dust and noisy chaos, as the renovation project to our building was in full swing.

Now we are back to normal in Battersea and have just rearranged the shop, after most of the sold pieces from our Exhibition have been collected and we find ourselves on the edge of spring, as it breaks into summer.

For us, early summer in London has become synonymous with Masterpiece, probably the most innovative and significant art and antiques event held in the UK.

The preparation and planning for this are now our primary focus, as we concentrate on the stand layout, decoration and installation.

It’s like a theatrical production and requires the input of many dedicated and skilled individuals. Masterpiece is all about detail.

We never know what other Galleries and Dealerships will bring to Masterpiece, but there is always a unique energy and creative spirit, possibly due to the quality and variety of works on show and the diversity of materials, age and scale, which combine to make it the most exciting venue we exhibit at.

The pieces we offer need to be strong and honourable to hold their own in such company and we revel in the opportunity of exhibiting our vernacular, naive, primitive and folk art alongside some of the most significant mainstream works available for sale anywhere in the world.

As always, we aim to source rare and extraordinary examples, both figurative and abstract, with confident lines, bold compositions, exciting textures and original surfaces.

This is an exhibition where we can celebrate the compatibility of authentic naïve art with both ancient and modern works, where we can also illustrate the relevance of the “primitive” in a contemporary setting.

The pieces we have selected to exhibit still speak of the hands that created them, they are of differing scale, both rich and raw in spirit, yet common to them all is a unique individuality and attention to detail.

We have Complimentary Tickets available, so please contact us if you would like to visit and we look forward to catching up with old friends and to meeting those of you who plan to visit for the first time.




06 May 2016


From 1978 until 1989 we lived here in the flat above the shop.

We were unreliable in our opening hours as we didn’t have any help and the two of us went out buying, until we filled the little van we had and returned to the shop to sell it!

They were different times and the trade worked in a different way, but we always made a point of being open on Saturdays. They were happy times and we would move downstairs for the day with baskets of bread, cheeses, salads and other little regional delicacies Josyane had picked up during the week and wine. People knew we would be in and dropped by to see what was new, for trade gossip and a chat, whilst sharing a glass of wine and a nibble with us. It was convivial, fun and hopefully mutually beneficial.

We established some good friendships and clients in those times, some of whom we still work with and now even with some of their children

Times have changed, we had two children and moved out to a larger home nearby, but the demands of a young family with weekend sports, recreation and activities took their toll on our being able to be at the shop. However we then we found the wonderful Odette who opened and ran the shop on Saturdays for over 20 years, before retiring when we gutted and renovated the building and shop last year.

She will be so hard to replace and we have been taking our time thinking about who would be perfect and what their job description will be, as we probably need somebody with some internet savvy and maybe photographic skills to help keep us alive and relevant in the 21st century. But primarily they will need to revive and develop the legacy of our traditional Saturday opening.

In the meantime, we sincerely apologise to all for the inconvenience of our having been closed on Saturdays since the beginning of 2015. We promise this will be rectified in due course and we will let all on our mailing list know when it changes back.

In the meantime, as our Exhibition is running over the next two weeks, we will be open from 10.00am - 4.00pm this Saturday 7th and next Saturday 14th May.

Like the old days, I will be here and open all day this Saturday and will have a little bread, cheese and wine to share with anyone who happens to drop by.

The building may have been renovated, but we hope that the spirit remains the same.


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