14 May 2014

Our 2014 Exhibition of British and European Folk Art has three days left to run.

We have had many visitors over the past week and it is rewarding to have had such enthusiasm for the pieces, so many positive comments and consistent sales.

Hopefully we will see a few more of you here before the exhibition closes on Saturday.

We try to keep all the exhibits here for the run of the show, only a very a few have already gone, (as they needed to be go as part of international consignments) and a couple more leave tomorrow evening. The vast majority is still here to be seen and will remain here until we close on Saturday.

If you purchased pieces and would like to collect, we would appreciate it if you come after lunch on Saturday. We close at 4.00pm.

Then we immediately have other excitements to look forward to, firstly Tate Britain’s innovative exhibition of British Folk Art, “The House That Jack Built” opens on 10th June in under a month followed shortly by Masterpiece London on 26th June.




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