30 April 2014

Dear Friends & Clients

Please note the gallery will be closed from Friday 2nd May whilst we set up for our Annual Exhibition of British & European Folk Art. We will re-open on Thursday 8th May at 11am, and items illustrated in the catalogue will be on view at that time. 

We will be answering telephone calls and emails during set-up so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

The Exhibition will be open from 11.00am - 6.00pm on Thursday 8th May and will then be open daily from 9.30am - 5.30pm on Weekdays, 10.00am - 4.00pm on Saturdays. The Exhibition closes on Saturday 17th May at 4pm.

We hope you will find a moment to come and enjoy the pieces over a drink and a chat.

The Team at Robert Young Antiques

09 April 2014


Robert Young Antiques

8th -17th May 2014 

This year our Annual Exhibition opens just a month before Tate Britain hosts the first ever National Exhibition of British Folk Art. There are historic connections of naive and folk art with Tate. Jim Ede, for example, worked as an assistant curator at Tate before setting up home and gallery at Kettles Yard in Cambridge. Ede collected works by and explored the relationships between Ben Nicholson, Christopher Wood and artists from the British Modern and St Ives Schools, with untutored primitive artists like Alfred Wallis and Bryan Pearce. Pioneering Tate Curator Martin Myrone, working together with contemporary artist Jeff McMillan have brought together a diverse collection of works in multiple media for the Tate show. Their intention is to challenge historic conceptions of the genre and to help reconceptualise this body of non-professional, untutored native artwork, by considering the creative process and the “Art”, rather than the “Folk”. Tate Britain is the National Gallery of exclusively British Art and there is nowhere more appropriate for this pioneering show to be held. The curators say they see it as a “Proposition” rather than a survey and are optimistic that it will awaken interest and provoke a re-evaluation of the influence and significance of these works in a wider context.

The "Art World" has recently witnessed an explosion of interest in “Outsider” and “Self Taught” art which culminated in significant exposure at the 2013 Venice Biennale and The Hayward Gallery's "The Alternative Guide to the Universe" 2013 Exhibition. So gradually these previously fringe and often overlooked works are being reconsidered for their inherent expressive qualities and finding their place in the overall narrative of Art History.

It is hugely exciting and rewarding for us to see this evolve and to see British Folk Art represented at a national show in the hallowed galleries of Tate Britain.

Our 2014 Exhibition includes works in various media and reflects the qualities of creativity we believe are at the heart of Folk Art. We cherish the individuality of composition, form and texture found in these pieces. This is uninhibited art reflecting the pleasure and sensitivity of the makers and artists, which somehow celebrates a freedom of expression and an inspired vision.

Our new Summer Catalogue #39 illustrates and describes over fifty pieces from the Exhibition and will be available from the first week of May.

The Exhibition opens at 11am on Thursday 8th May and is open to everyone - collectors, curators, designers, enthusiasts, students, dealers and artists alike. We find this is a great opportunity for old friends, clients and those of you who have not previously visited us, to come and discover and hopefully be inspired or moved by the works over a drink and a chat.









03 April 2014


Curating is what we do.

It is a small word that disguises multiple disciplines. 

Initially we need to identify, examine and source authentic works which are also interesting and of some significance in their field. 

They then need to be professionally conserved, photographed, researched, catalogued and ultimately earmarked for specific exhibitions. 

It is exciting selecting groups of objects and artworks for these major shows, whilst it is also a detailed and challenging process. 

Now is the hectic season here at RYA, as we discuss the pieces and combinations for  our Annual Exhibition of Folk Art and installation at Masterpiece London 2014. 

It is a rigorous process, driven by our belief that composition, space, colour, texture and juxtaposition are important elements in every catalogue and exhibition we create.

Our new Summer Catalogue, No.39, has gone to Press, so we are now preparing some other material and a Newsletter entitled simply “Details of our Exhibition” and it will include just that. 

Please contact us if you would like to be included in our Newsletter Mailing list, would like a Catalogue or a Ticket for Masterpiece London.



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