15 December 2011

1st September 2011

We have waded the fast flowing waters in the Rockies, fished and ridden under the big blue and starlit skies of Wyoming, we have been warmed by the sun in France and been spoilt by nature's bounty in Provence, now September marks the beginning of the new season and we are ready. The start of anything is always exciting and we have fresh energy and ideas.

Towards the end of August, we have been tidying up and sorting through our storage facility. Among other things, we noticed that we are down to our last few original copies of my 1999 Mitchell Beazley published book "Folk Art", they are still boxed, in untouched as new condition and are the last copies available from the first edition, as we bought all the remaining copies from the publishers about five years ago. If anyone would like a copy they are still available at the cover price of £25 and I will be happy to sign and/or dedicate them. Postage and Package is £4 per copy within the UK and we can get very competitive rates to ship them abroad. Please email Jen directly and she will organise packing and shipping Email Jen

We are currently working on our Winter Catalogue #31, photography is already underway and it will probably be published and distributed towards the end of October. Please send an email if you would like to be included on our mailing list Email Office

Our Spring Exhibition "Stanley Dyson and His School" was an extraordinary success both here and abroad. These previously unknown works have met with wide acclaim and found homes in a variety of institutions and private collections. The Exhibition sold more than a hundred works by Dyson, the first works of his that have ever been on the market. There are no longer any of his works on exhibition in the Gallery, but if you missed the show, please do browse here to see his work.

15 December 2011

August 2011

The summer is upon us now and we have again just enjoyed a couple of weeks away at the A Bar A Ranch in Wyoming, where the dry fly fishing was unusually testing, due to the swollen rivers, the wildlife was exceptional, the variety, abundance and colours of the wild flowers wonderful and the vast emptiness of the wilderness country as awe inspiring as it seems every year. However, the thing that grows on us whenever we return, is the absence of technical communication. There is no mobile phone signal and internet access is intermittent, at best, and generally discouraged. There are no newspapers, televisions, radios, no background sound of incoming texts, emails or mobile ring tones and it feels like a different world. It is such a timely reminder for us, year on year, that there is still a world that exists without instant communication, a place where animals and humans struggle to exist comfortably through the long hard winters, but where the sun comes back to shine long enough to grow and harvest hay and modest crops, small communities thrive socially sharing the burdens of hardship, loss and tragedy and the joys of music, laughter, conviviality and trusted warm friendship. We find something there that challenges our accepted way of life, not necessarily better or worse, just challenging. However, it helps us to look at and question what matters and what is really important in both a personal and professional way, that is why we keep going back and why it is a real holiday.

The Masterpiece London 2011 show was again a pleasure to be involved in. The space and atmosphere are unique and the event seems to have established itself as the current premier Art and Antique Show in London. We enjoy selecting and exhibiting exceptional examples of Naive, Primitive and Folk Art in a forum that celebrates quality in the Fine and Decorative Arts over such a wide range of disciplines, irrespective of period or style. There is a strong contemporary undercurrent to the Masterpiece event that we wholeheartedly applaud and support. The architecture and layout of the remarkable temporary "tented structure" lend it a celebratory ambience, which is enhanced by the light, the wide avenues, the arched ceilings, elegantly presented catering and a comfortable sense of wellbeing. It has a generous scale, a feeling of space and an understated style that plays host to some of the most selective, respected and talented specialists in the world. It is somehow exciting in a way that other "comparable" events can only aspire to.

We believe that we play our part in the Contemporary Art World and many of the pieces we displayed at Masterpiece London 2011 were sold to collectors of Modern and Contemporary Art, some of whom had never previously bought what they considered to be an "antique". We have long believed that fine, genuine and sensitive works of art, of virtually any media or period can live happily next to and complement each other. The Masterpiece event goes some way towards celebrating this ideology.

We are now planning the rest of the year, our exhibitions and events and will publish our plans here on our Blog over the next few weeks. We hope to continue to move forward and to discover and promote pieces we believe in and that reflect the integrity, talent and spirit of those who created them."

15 December 2011

June 2011

Previous Exhibition: 12th Annual Exhibition of Antique Folk Art 13th-21st May 2011

A massive boldly carved and painted Wool Merchant's Trade Sign in the form of a Ram with old weathered surface texture and crusty patination; a curiously diverse and sensitively sculpted group of working Decoy Birds from a variety of origins; an intriguing and graphic collection of well patinated early primitive furniture including a unique Triple Comb Back primitive Windsor Armchair and several examples of pieces made for Taverns and working Farmhouses; a naive carved and painted Sailor Work Pictorial Panel depicting two three masted ships at sea; a handsome and important full bodied Weathervane bearing a close similarity to the famous "Percy Lion" at Alnwick Castle which forms part of the Arms of the Dukes of Northumberland; several rare and interesting small domestic items made from turned, hand carved and occasionally painted wood and an amusing Fairground Art Painted Canvas advertising "Dolly Dimples" a "Personality Fat Girl" attraction, are representative examples of pieces that were shown at our Annaul Folk Art Exhibition earlier this year.

What started out as a "one off" Exhibition in 2000, as part of the BADA Millennium Exhibition initiative, has grown into a celebrated annual event and over these past 12 years the understanding, appreciation and "status" of genuine Primitive, Naive and Folk Art has grown considerably.

It is the simplicity and character of these pieces that attracts us. Created by ordinary people, with no academic training, they show a vitality and creative spirit often lacking in mainstream works. Many of these pieces were originally made to serve a functional, rather than a decorative purpose, but their maker lent something of himself to their form, their quality and their finish. We value their original surfaces and we try to leave them as we find them and not to restore or tidy them up in a way that may compromise their integrity. We love the evidence of age and use, the wear and softening of edges, the fading, weathering or burnishing that have gently developed over the years and now lend an extra and unique individual quality to every piece. There is an unpretentious yet powerful artistic quality to them that is somehow immediately compatible with contemporary movements in art, architecture and interior design that could never have been imagined by their maker and which makes each piece so exciting and like a new discovery.

"Folk Art" is a broad field, encompassing a wide range of disciplines, periods, materials and individual styles. However the best examples are confidently executed, curiously timeless, engaging and somehow feel " special". We have individually sourced and selected each of the hundred or so Exhibits over the last year.

Please contact us if you would like a copy of the full colour illustrated catalogue which accompanied the Exhibition or if you would like any further information or details about the Exhibition or individual pieces.

15 December 2011

May 2011

Previous Exhibition: The Art Master Stanley Dyson and His School. Exhibition dates: 18 March-23 April 2011

We are delighted to have hosted the Exhibtion of the previously unknown artist Stanley Dyson. It has been an incredible journey from first discovering the whole of his life's work, the oils neatly wrapped in bundles, tied with string and the works on paper carefully stored in large portfolios, along with a remarkable and rigorously selected collection of works by his art class pupils, at his estate sale in Norfolk in 2007.

David Drew has carried out extensive research into Dyson's life and his efforts have jogged memories and created great local interest in Stanley's hometown of Chesterfield and the Mayor and Mayoress opened a small exhibit of selected works by him and some of his pupils from his Chesterfield days at the Chesterfield Museum and Art Gallery on Tuesday 8th February 2011.

We find a genuine sensitivity within these works and love the extraordinary compatibility they share with the works of his pupils. We believe that the Art of children is greatly under recognised for its sincerity, natural naivety and exuberance and hope that small specialist shows like this will help to develop a wider appreciation of children's work, both vintage and contemporary.

Charlotte Edwards has written an insightful preview of our Exhibition in the March 2011 Issue of the 'World of Interiors' magazine, which has excited wider interest in the Paintings and Story of Stanley Dyson the Art Master as a private artist himself (see Press Section of this website to access the Article).

We also printed an illustrated Catalogue for the exhibition. If you would like to request a copy, please contact the Gallery by telephone or email and we can arrange to have one sent to you.

In the meantime many of the works are posted on our Website in the 'Stanley Dyson' section, where they are illustrated and complete with descriptions and dimensions, Exhibition prices are available from the Gallery. The Exhibition itself will include a quantity of further works including a collection of drawings and watercolours from varying periods of Stanley's working life as a Painter. It has been wonderfully exciting to show this body of work for the first time and we have been delighted that there was so much interest in Stanley's art. His Art now hangs in homes, museums and collections worldwide.

15 December 2011

January 2011

Our next exhibition will be the New York Winter Antiques Show, running from January 21st - 30th, at the Park Avenue Armory. The preview will be on January 20th. We will be exhibiting a collection of selected pieces of Country and Painted Furniture, Antique Folk Art - including Primitive and Naive Paintings - and fine pieces of early Treen.

Please see for full details.

15 December 2011

December 2010

Saturday 4th December's Financial Times magazine 'How To Spend It' features Katrina Burroughs' article entitled "The Real Dealers" discussing the rising profile of antiques in contemporary design and interiors. Click here to read online.

15 December 2011

August 2010

"Deloitte tell clients: buy antiques now"

[Antiques Trade Gazette, 17 August 2009]

Ian Stewart, the chief economist at Deloitte, consulted the data produced annually by the Antique Collector's Club (ACC) and issued an August statement to clients on the findings. In summary, Mr Stewart found that the "credit crisis could be supportive of antique furniture prices", that "the credit crunch has highlighted the need for investors to put their money into a range of assets. Last year all the major assets - equities, property, commodities - fell. Antiques are illiquid and they generally avoid the big swings seen in financial markets". Finally, "for those who worry about the long-term effects of governments printing money, antique furniture offers a hedge against future inflation".

15 December 2011

Autumn 2009

"BIDA Corporate Member Robert Young Winner of Best Regular Build Stand"

[British Institute of Interior Design Review, Autumn 2009]

We are proud to report that Christopher Vane Percy and his panel of BIID member judges presented Robert Young Antiques with the "Award for Best Stand Design" at the 2009 Olympia International Fine Art and Antiques Fair, London. We are delighted to have won this prestigious award for the seventh time.

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