20 February 2015

These images show the front and back of our gallery at the end of the first week’s work.

So much has been stripped out of the building, that virtually all that remains is the original skeleton of the building. As it should be.

Some little areas show interesting archival evidence of the various colours and finishes that we have had over the years and bring back fond memories.

We have also uncovered decorative remnants from long before our time, (the building once housed a small commercial laundry, with the family living above), all part of the history and fabric of the place.

The new shop front is being constructed off site and the structural work is now starting, in preparation for its installation.

New windows to the upper floors go in next week, exact replicas of the originals, in proper hardwood timber. Lovely!

Then the functional bits, a boiler and central heating for the first time in the building’s history and new electrics throughout, exciting.

We spent most of January in New York and the last two weeks clearing out of 68 BBR and making final preparations for the works, but now we are up and running again, making plans, sourcing and preparing for our Folk Art Exhibition and for Masterpiece London.

We are now all settled in our Design Studio nearby. The mail, deliveries and telephone have been successfully diverted and we have already made some successful bids, sourced some interesting pieces and made a few sales. Life carries on.

Running a design project for ourselves, for the first time in 27 years feels strange, but we are enjoying it and are looking forward to seeing it develop.

Now we look forward to the weekend, time for a short rest, aahh ....... apart from those telephone bids tomorrow.......

05 February 2015

New York was as New York is in Winter.

Bright lights burning late into the night; low slung squashed yellow taxis; general hustle & bustle; huge highly polished fire engines horns blaring; street food vendors wrapped up like Eskimos offering unidentifiable fare; industrial scale snow ploughs with chained wheels leaving scars in their wake and excited pillars of steam climbing from the streets suggesting that Manhattan was built on a volcano. It is a curious, unique and highly charged city.

Then there was also the warning of the most severe blizzard to hit the city, which never really came, yet took its toll on visitor numbers at the show, but only for a day. There was some snow and it was seasonally chilly, luckily without too much of that bitter numbing wind that whistles between the blocks and along the avenues. 

Yet interest, business and demand were encouragingly strong at the 2015 Winter Show, with significant sales being made all around the floor, right from the start, with Early Americana, Primitive and Folk Art being among the most popular offerings.

We enjoyed our visit again and have become accustomed to starting our year off in NYC and it is a privilege to exhibit at the Winter Show. 

Now work begins for real back here in Battersea.

Saturday is the last day of business in the shop as we have known it.
Josyane and I started our life together here, we lived in the apartment above the shop for twelve years and our first born son lived here until his brother was born two years later and we moved to live in Wandsworth.

We built our business here, made friends, met clients, and the little flat featured in the World of Interiors magazine in the mid 80s. Such memories help make us feel somehow attached to the building and the neighbourhood.

But now is the time for change. We need to do some renovation work to the property and feel that now is the right time to invest in the future.
So we close temporarily, whilst we create a new shop front, update and develop the showroom and flat and start a new chapter.

We plan to re-open in May when we will host our Folk Art Exhibition in the new space, which we hope will retain the same spirit and atmosphere, whilst being simultaneously welcoming and inspiring.

Our contact with all of you, will, for the time being anyway, largely be here, right here online, where we will keep you updated with our news, progress and recent acquisitions, as we look forward to the next chapter.......

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