04 December 2015


Events and exhibitions somehow dictate the pattern of our professional lives and the New York Winter Antiques Show is one of only two shows that we participate in outside our building in Battersea. Since the summer we have been selecting the works we plan to exhibit there in January, photographing, conserving and cataloguing them.  This week we have finalised the documentation, the consignment has been collected and is now being prepared for shipment. Our catalogue has gone to press. Experience tells us that this means Christmas is near, as our minds concentrate on the shop again for a while.

We re-stocked and styled yesterday and brought in two lovely Christmas Trees from our garden today, (the same two that we had in the shop window last year and which have flourished and grown since then for another month in the limelight), the fire is lit before 10.00am every day, as our “Signature” scented candles gutter away quietly and the Quaker longcase clock ticks peacefully and strikes on the hour, it is a pleasure to be here.

There is currently much speculation about the future marketing of art and antiques, with discussions around the costs and merits of retail premises, art fairs, the internet and exhibitions.

Before settling down to update this journal, we have had three visitors today. One who brought some interesting pieces to show and offer us, a client who came to look at a particular piece he had discovered on our website and the third who came just to see what was new. Between them they were here for four hours. It has made for a busy day, juggling their visits with a list of unfinished jobs, but these days are what everybody here works for.

We select, source, and conserve old things, pieces that we believe have significant qualities, interest or merit, in order to display, share and discuss them with people who drop by and find a space unlike any other. A place where they can look at, handle and chat about what they see, what they like and don’t like, what they cherish and what they collect and dream about finding. We learn from them and hopefully they from us. That is why we’re open and why we believe in the future of shops and galleries.

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