22 December 2014


23 January - 1 February 2015

"We are excited at the prospect of exhibiting for the 15th consecutive year at this most highly respected and longest established Antiques Fair in the United States. We will soon be be publishing a catalogue featuring some of the items that we have sourced and selected to show at this premier event. The exhibits are currently on their way over to the USA and we look forward to presenting them in our re-designed booth (No5) and to meeting with friends and clients, old and new."

If you would like to visit us at this year's Winter Antiques Show in New York, please email for a complimentary Guest Ticket.


17 December 2014

It’s really here now, the sun kept shining for so long and the warm autumn extended to keep Winter at bay, but it's arrived and now it’s almost Christmas.

Always a busy time here as we pack up and send off our consignment for the New York Winter Antiques Show , prepare the Spring Catalogue and finally get ready to enjoy the seasonal festivities.

Most of the work for these now completed, our minds turn towards log fires, candlelight, ordering real tuck and indulging in nostalgic memories.

Our business revolves around a kind of aesthetic nostalgia. Lifestyles that were dictated by the seasons, traditions, folklore, old ways of making things, homespun fabrics, artificial light made with oil, homemade tallow candles and rush lights, the storage and preparation of food all somehow relate to the artefacts and objects we now revere for their wonderful age honoured forms and tactile surfaces.

The survivors are objects and works that were cared for and have a quality about them that multiple generations have recognised and which have saved them from being discarded as obsolete or unfashionable.

A rare diminutive Spice Cupboard from the Queen Anne period, the door enhanced with detailed geometric parquetry and enclosing a fully fitted interior with nine original drawers. This fine little cupboard retaining its working lock and key, hinges and drop ring handles, just as it was made, yet now enhanced by a glowing patina and aged individual character.

A simple and well drawn domestic Wine Goblet dating from the mid seventeenth century, how can this have survived? Turned from a single piece of solid pear wood, with an historic repaired age crack down one side, expertly “sewn” together with metal wire in an intricate pattern, to hold it together and still retain liquid. Now patinated like old leather, burnished and glowing.

Then a little turned wood Spice Pot from the mid nineteenth century, not so ancient, but wonderfully hand decorated to simulate serpentine stone, (a material highly prized in the Renaissance and by collectors of “souvenirs” on the Grand Tour in the early C19th), still with a tightly fitting lid, the little spire finial intact and paintwork as clever and deceptive as the day it was made.

None of these are constructed of precious materials, but they survived, they are the winners, the ones that made it through to tell us their story and help enable us to imagine the world and circumstances in which they were created. To still enjoy the musty hint of spice engrained in them and the glorious character and “skin” that their journeys have bestowed upon them is our pleasure.

These, like all the pieces we handle, have been around for many Christmases.

We hope you will enjoy some traditional festivities and cheer. Enjoy some live music and song. Be merry, share happiness and smile with those you love.

Happy Christmas from all of us at Robert Young Antiques


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