16 October 2018

MOVING ON………..not what we’d like to live with, but what we simply can’t live without.

In 2007, we regretfully had to leave our Studio space on the ground floor of a wonderful, high ceilinged Victorian Printing Works near Wandsworth Roundabout, when it was sold for re-development. A space we had rented, furnished and occupied it for over 25 years.

It had original iron framed windows, raw plastered walls, an end-grain wood block floor, huge double height stable doors and a mezzanine which we built over the back half of our space.

On the lower level we had excellent storage under the mezzanine and a workspace, where we created sample and mood boards, carried out minor restoration work and occasionally I did some easel painting. It was difficult to heat in winter, gloriously cool in summer and we loved it.

It was a private, creative space, from which we grew our Riviere Interiors design consultancy. It housed our extensive reference library, samples, drawings and files of both historic and current projects. We furnished it with a large French trestle based Architects Table, a long grain-painted Plan Chest, an oak Book Press, a massive solid riven slate Blackboard, (which we used to list priorities and deadlines), a small Victorian drop end chesterfield sofa, together with various other pieces of furniture and accessories, that we accumulated over the years, both for their function and inherent appeal. All antique, all genuine and all serving a valuable purpose. We loved it there, but sadly had no option but to move on.

After six months of panic searching for somewhere new to house our Studio, we got lucky and were invited to take a large space on the ground floor of a warehouse style Plumbers Merchant’s, near Battersea Heliport. Our ground floor space is at the “office end”, with various other studios/offices above, occupied by a Graphic Designer/Artist and Arts Correspondent, a Photographer, a boutique IT Company, and a couple of other unidentifiable small businesses. This end of the building became affectionately referred to as the “Art Department”. It was a modern purpose-built space, heated and air-conditioned, with insulating ceiling tiles, strip lighting, a bright royal blue painted floor and “privacy windows”, (with just a hint of a view of the Thames).

We painted the floor a neutral grey colour, ordered some amazing quality metal shelving for the full length of two of the four walls, set up our old phone number, computers, a large format printer and some vintage industrial task lighting. Once we had installed our familiar studio furnishings, together with our reference and sample libraries from the old printing works, we began to feel at home. After two further days of ferrying accumulated antiques, we were up and running. Phew!

Something over ten years on and this space has now also been sold for re-development and we find ourselves back where we were and are required to vacate early next year. Both spaces have been very useful, and apart from their Studio function, they became valuable storage for stock items we were “thinking about” putting away for exhibitions and catalogues, keeping for photography or sometimes just of inherently uncertain destiny and waiting for a perfect project or opportunity.

Over the years, we have surrounded ourselves with many great objects which have enhanced our working spaces, alongside some interesting antique pieces that we haven’t wanted to part with. Looking forward, we will sadly no longer be able to house them all. So gradually we plan to offer selected pieces for sale through our website, in order to clear the space before the deadline. Some of these pieces have shared up to 40 years of our professional lives and much though we have enjoyed having them around it is time for us to go our separate ways.

The Artist’s Studio Easel, the massive framed riven slate Blackboard and the oak screw-thread Book Press are the first of these offerings and will shortly be uploaded to our website and others will gradually follow.

We're not closing, retiring or even slowing down, just rationalising & Moving On.....



11 October 2018


We are delighted to share details of recent changes to the RYA team personnel and structure.

Florence Grant, has recently been appointed as “Head Girl”, to run our Battersea Gallery. Florence now has executive responsibility for the management and running of all day to day affairs and organising our participation in both the New York Winter Show and Masterpiece London. She will also help plan and put together our Catalogues, and to curate our Annual Folk Art Exhibition in May. Florence interned with us when at school and then over three years as an undergraduate. She finally joined us full time in 2017, after experience working in PR and Finance.

We are also delighted that Ilse Oliestelder, our previous Gallery Director, has recently returned from Maternity Leave and is back working alongside Florence, on a part time basis. She will be doing some work remotely and will be at the Gallery on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Ilse has over ten years experience with us and we are excited to have her back in the team. Her new role will be slightly more project focused, concentrating on managing our online presence and developing new initiatives. She will be well known to many of you, both in the U.K. and United States and she brings a lovely feeling of continuity with her.

Both Florence and Ilse have had valuable experience with us, developing an innate  understanding and sensitivity for the works we handle and they understand the nature and style of our business. We feel very privileged to have them on board.




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