20 October 2015

World of Interiors, November 2015

The current issue of the World of Interiors, probably the world’s most respected and influential Interior Design related publication, contains a ten page feature on a Charles II period London house that we at Riviére Interiors were commissioned to renovate and re-decorate.

This was a wonderful commission, as the house itself was still in a largely original state, certainly in “rescuable condition” and the clients were keen to respect its original features and qualities and to get it back to something like it was meant to be. We took paint samples from various places in the house to learn what colours and paints had been used over the years and where possible we sourced genuine re-claimed materials and largely furnished the house with period furniture and objects.

We uncovered original features and details and filled in gaps where necessary. We also played with the layout of the garden and working with historic design principles, laid it out as it may originally have been, with a courtyard nearest the house, a pleasure garden, kitchen garden and a rose/scented garden and small pavilion furthest away from the back of the house. We researched what trees and shrubs may have been available in late C17th England and where possible used mature examples of these, certainly for the “structure” of the landscape.

But the real joy was the enthusiasm and confidence we enjoyed from our clients. They made a long process fun to be a part of, whilst concurrently living in the house for over three years with the noise, dust, materials and chaos of builder’s and decorators all around them.

They are collectors in the real, passionate, old fashioned way. Enchanted, interested and seduced by both beauty and history. They have a wide range of interests and do not have eyes for only one period or medium, so the house reflects them.

Ultimately it is always people that matter most. Those who create and those who recognise creative talent, both the art of their time and from the past.

It is because of such people, over the history of mankind, that we can all continue to enjoy and be inspired by the magic of the works they treasured, cared for and left behind them.




02 October 2015


Watery sun, colourful crispy leaves, log fires and the new RYA Catalogue.

We have taken delivery of the first load of logs into the shop, the leaves are beginning to scatter and blow on the pavement and our next Catalogue #43 has gone to press.

All this means that Autumn is here and in spite of the wonderful Indian Summer, all our thoughts and plans begin to turn back indoors, towards our homes.

Our Catalogues make great Autumnal fireside reading, and are full of pictures. We recommend enjoying them slowly, with a good glass of wine or old malt whisky.

Please email us if you would like to receive the forthcoming E-Catalogue, due towards the end of October.

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