10 January 2012

2012 begins with several exciting changes here at RYA, firstly Imogen Begg moved on at the beginning of December, to join James Brett at the Museum of Everything, after three happy and productive years with us. Imogen leaves with our appreciation for her time and valuable contribution, and we are delighted that she has been succeeded by her predecessor, Ilse Oliestelder, whom I am sure many of you will remember from her time with us before, and we are chuffed to have her with us again as our Senior Gallery Associate. She joins her predecessor Jen Beresford, who has been back with us for just over a year now, (having been away to Canada and Yorkshire, and having two sons of her own). For Josyane and I it is really lovely and rewarding to welcome back our previous colleagues and associates and it lends a wonderful sense of continuity and “family” to the Partnership and Gallery, we are so pleased to have them with us. We have been really lucky to have the chance to work with all of them and really appreciate the hours of work, dedication and loyalty they have given and continue to give to Robert Young Antiques.

2012 also sees the launch of this our updated Website. Our above mentioned associates made it clear that our previous site had become rather outdated and tatty and encouraged us to freshen it up. Jen has worked closely with Online Galleries to put together this re-designed site and we hope that it will be easier and quicker to use and more aesthetically pleasing. We have found Online Galleries to be very helpful and informative and their experience in the field Art and Antiques has been invaluable. They speak English without too much jargon and their designer and technical folk have been patient and aware of and sensitive to our ideas and to the “feel” and content we wanted to achieve. We would be happy to recommend them to others.

We look forward to any feedback you may have about the content and operation of this new site, plus any suggestions you may have for improvements and will attempt to make it work for you our visitor. During the process, we have become aware that the site building exercise could become never ending, so we still have much content to add, but felt it best to go live and load up Archive images, Riviere Interior Portfolio updates and other little things we have up our sleeve, as we go along.

At the time of writing we are getting ready for our Ten Anniversary exhibition at the New York Winter Antiques Show, which opens for Preview on Thursday 19th January. It is always an exciting event, with many of the leading American and International specialist dealers showing consistently high quality and unusual antiques and works of art. It is the oldest and most venerable Antiques Show in the USA,( now in its 58th year), and we always feel privileged to be numbered among the exhibitors. We look forward to seeing some of you there again this year.

We hope that 2012 will bring you what you hope for.

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